VISA & Immigration Service

Our local expertise and inter disciplinary knowledge allow us to blend our services to meet your specific needs. We ensure local compliance and provide the exact process and timeframe to secure a visa. It is simple, fast and easy.

TSM offers a flat fee structure to all of our corporate visa service clients and partners. There are no hidden costs for further documentation or ongoing policy advice. This can translate as a tremendous saving for companies who recognize the importance of immigration for their staff and it will also improve immigration compliance.

Our immigration consultant are all highly skilled and qualified, who ready to assist you and your company today. For confidential advice feel free to contact our consultant for your inquiry.


Indonesia Visa & Immigration

There are various types of visa that may be issued by the Indonesian immigration in accordance with needs as well as objective and purpose of the foreigner’s arrival in Indonesia. Seen from the side of objective and purpose of the visa, its validity may be categorized as follows: